When you adopt your first cat of your very own, you may think you have everything figured out. However, there are a lot of myths regarding cat ownership and cat care that many people take as fact. So, before you make the same mistakes that so many first-time and even seasoned cat owners may make when it comes to taking proper care of their cat, get to know some of these myths and learn how to avoid falling into their traps. Then, you will be sure that you take the best possible care of your new cat beginning with when you first bring them home.

Myth #1: Declawing Your Cat Is The Only Way To Save Your Furniture

Cat declawing is nothing if not controversial. Many people rely on declawing their cat to stop them from scratching furniture and other household items. However, few realize the actual effect of declawing on their cat.

Declawing is not a simple procedure that is similar to cutting or removing the cat's nails. It actually involves removing a bone from each of your cat's toes. This is essentially an amputation procedure.

The effects on your cat are numerous including pain, bone spurs, infection, increased bad behavior like not using the litter box and biting, and the like. Your cat's first line of defense is their claws. It is also a way that they can safely navigate their world and sense the environment around them.

Declawing is not necessary to stop your cat from scratching up your furniture. If you provide your cat with acceptable scratching posts and toys, this will help to redirect their behavior.

To get them to leave your furniture alone, you can place special tape on the corners. This deters scratching as the stickiness is unpleasant. In addition to these steps, taking him or her for regular cat grooming to have their nails trimmed will help to stop unwanted scratching.

Myth #2: Cats Do Not Need Baths or Grooming

Cats have a reputation for being very clean animals. After all, they groom and clean themselves regularly.

However, many people take this knowledge a bit too far when they assume that a cat's general cleanliness means that they never need baths or grooming.

The truth is, just like any other creature, cats can get into mischief and sometimes mischief means dirtiness. They can get messy from playing in the kitchen and getting food on them, or can have litter box issues that leave them with feces stuck in their fur. Or they can just get matted fur from tangles.

It is important to groom your cat regularly. A cat with long hair will benefit from more frequent grooming to prevent mats and issues with unwanted substances being stuck in their fur. Brushing once a day or once every other day is best for cats with longer hair. Shorthair cats can go about a week between brushings. And any time your cat gets into something messy or needs their nails trimmed, you can send them to the pet groomer for bathing and nail clipping.

Now that you know a few of the myths regarding cat care and ownership, you can be sure that you do not make the same pet ownership mistakes that so many others do. Be sure to keep these in mind as you make your new cat a part of your household. For more tips, contact a company like Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile Practice Ltd.