If you're like most dog owners, you have heard that once a male dog is neutered, they stand a greater chance of becoming obese. This is misconception that many believe, because whether a dog becomes obese depends on how much and how often they exercise, and how much they are fed and what types of food is offered. Getting your dog neutered is the responsible thing to do, and this guide explains how you can prevent obesity in the years after the surgery.

Take Them On Walks

Take your dog out for a walk three to five times a week. This will help your dog's respiratory and circulatory systems as well as releasing all that pent up energy.

If you have not always taken your dog for a walk, start out with just a walk around the block, or even down the street a little, and then back home. The pace should be slow at first, but then as you walk with your furry friend more often, pick up that pace.

Provide Them With Daily Exercise

Walking is a great way to keep your dog active, but more rigorous exercise can help keep its weight under control even more. There are some pretty simple ways to get your dog moving in a way that helps it burn calories and pounds; plus your dog can actually have more fun. One of the easiest methods is to use a toy or treat and make your dog run up and down the stairs.

Another simple way to encourage hard exercise in your dog is to regularly play fetch with him or her. This game is a doggie favorite but also has incredible benefits for your pooch. Fetch is basically repeated sprints for your dog. To keep things interesting, you can also purchase a laser pointer and have your dog chase the laser around the room.

Don't Overfeed Them

One of the biggest reasons that dogs become obese is overfeeding. Limit the portions you feed your dog to what is suggested as the typical serving on the package. This is enough food for your dog under normal circumstances.

Even if you don't overfeed, your dog may still begin to put on a few extra pounds. If you notice this, speak to your vet about their choice of lower calorie dog foods. Alternatively, consider offering baked chicken with no added spices, or other meats cooked in a manner that does not add additional fat or other empty calories.

Now that you know that you can get your dog neutered and prevent obesity, there is no reason to put off that dreadful vet appointment. Have fun when exercising your dog and experimenting with various low calorie, but nutritious foods. For more information, talk to an animal hospital.