If you are tired of listening to your dog chewing on their feet, then you are not alone. This is a common complaint of dog owners everywhere. The good news is that dogs chew on their feet for specific reasons, and there are many things that you can do to convince them to stop this annoying behavior.

Here are the most common causes of dog foot chewing and suggestions for making your dog stop:

Your Dog Has a Yeast Infection

If you have ever had a yeast infection on your skin, then you know how intensely they itch. Since your dog's feet come into contact with all manner of different terrains and substances, they can catch a yeast infection on the skin between the toes on their feet. The yeast infection causes a lot of itching, so your dog will continually chew on their feet to try and get relief.

To determine if your dog has a skin condition that is causing the chewing behavior, you will need to have your dog seen by their veterinarian. You should not use antifungal creams designed for people on dogs because they will lick their feet and the human medication is harmful to your dog if they ingest it. Instead, your dog's doctor will prescribe a medication to clear up the condition.

Your Dog Has an Anxiety Disorder

Just as some people get anxiety when they are left alone, dogs can have the same issue. If your dog is left alone during the day while you are away at work, then they may chew on their feet because they have anxiety. If this is the case, your veterinarian can prescribe special medication to help your dog feel calmer when they are alone. You can also have someone visit your dog during the day or take them to doggie daycare to relieve the anxiety and stop the foot chewing from stress.

Your Dog is Bored

Dogs also sometimes chew on their feet because they are bored. Once they get started chewing on a regular basis, it becomes a habit. If you yell at your dog when they chew on their feet, then they can misinterpret this as excitement for the behavior and can cause it to become worse over time. To prevent your dog from chewing on their feet out of boredom, make sure you give them daily exercise and toys they can play with in your absence.

Additional Help For Your Dog's Foot Chewing Problem

If you have provided your dog with ample exercise and company and they are still chewing on their feet, then you should take your dog to their veterinarian. The veterinarian can check your dog's skin for a yeast infection and can evaluate your dog for an anxiety disorder.

Finally, if your dog has anxiety or a yeast infection, then the veterinarian at a clinic like Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital will prescribe medication to help them.