Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience for everyone in the family and can be a great way to teach your child responsibility. If you are considering a pet through an adoption center, make sure your child is part of the process. Here are four ways you can involve your child in the pet adoption process that can provide teachable moments along the way.

1. Prepare Your Child For What Pet Adoption is All About

Educate your child to understand at a young age why adopting animals in need is important. If they can gain an understanding about how animals can be put down in shelters and may never find a forever home, this will make them better pet advocates in the future. If your child understands some of the realities when it comes to pets in shelters, they will be more apt to adopt rather than pay for designer pets.

2. Visit the Adoption Center or Shelter Together

Whether you are adopting a dog or a cat, find an adoption agency that is patient and will let your child be a part of the process. If you can, let your future pet pick your child as well. Animals that are kid friendly will be more apt to come out and greet your child. This is the best way to find a good fit for your child while letting them experience the adoption process.

3. Have Your Child Attend the Initial Vet Visit

Many adoption agencies encourage a second vet checkup after adoption. If you have adopted a pet with physical or social limitations, your vet can review methods that your family can use to make your home a safe, calm environment. Your child can ask questions as well and may be more apt to take the vet's advice seriously.

4. Give Your Child Pet Care Responsibilities

Once your adopted pet is settled in at home, you may want to dote on them and do everything to make sure they are well taken care of. Giving your child some responsibilities as well will teach them that caring for pets isn't all about fun and can be some work. You can supervise feeding times and even get kids involved in training if your new dog might need to attend a class or two to get up to speed.

Adopting a new pet into your family is something that you should feel proud of. This is a great way to teach the next generation the importance of adopting animals in need. If you can get your child excited about the process of adoption, you can instill good values in your child and help a pet in need all at the same time. If you're looking to adopt a pet, visit Pilot Knob Animal Hospital.