There are pet owners that neglect to spay their female pets, thinking that opting out of the procedure will help their furry child in the long run. However, spaying your female pet before she even hits her first menstrual cycle is both a responsible and smart decision to make. Spaying your female pet will prevent many things, not just pregnancy. Being on the fence about spaying your pet is completely natural. You want to gather all of the information you can before making a major decision like this. To help you with your decision, below is a list of the most common benefits that are available to your pet when choosing to get them spayed.

Longer Life Expectancy

You can help prevent certain pet diseases when you choose to spay your little furry friend. Female dogs that aren't spayed are more susceptible to diseases like uterine infections and breast cancer. In fact, about fifty percent of all deaths among dogs is caused by cancer. Another scary fact is that fifty percent of breast tumors that are found in female dogs are malignant. When you have your female pet spayed before she starts her first menstrual cycle, you significantly reduce her chances of getting breast cancer.

A Better Behaved Pup

A female pet usually goes into heat starting at about six months. If your pet is not spayed, generally this cycle will last two to three weeks and will reoccur twice a year. During this delicate time in your pet's life, she will start exhibiting some pretty bad behavior, like peeing over your house to prove her dominance, howling at anything and everything and nipping more often than usual. Spaying your pet before she goes into heat will stop these problems before they even happen. It will also circumvent any unneutered males from smelling her heat and trying to mark his territory over her.

Better Community, Overall

Once you have your pet spayed, it means that there is no longer a chance that she can get pregnant and have litters of unwanted or hard to place pets. When your female pet is spayed, there will be lesser unwanted animals being euthanized and less crowding in already overcrowded animal shelters. There will also be less stray animals walking the streets, which will help prevent animal involved car accidents. Stray pets have the tendency to nip or bite and strangers. So spaying your pets will make your community safer for everyone.

There is really no reason to be on the fence about spaying your female pet. It is a decision that will not only effect you, but also everyone around you. Spaying your pet is a responsible and smart decision and it will make your entire community a safer place to be. To learn more, contact a spay clinic like Akaal Pet Hospital