If you are going out of town, boarding your cats together can make the experience less stressful for them. Sometimes boarding can provide a safe space for multiple cats, especially if you have older cats or cats with medical needs. Your cats have each other and can benefit from other perks in round-the-clock boarding situation. Here are three reasons boarding your two cats might be beneficial for your cat's safety and your peace of mind.

1. Bigger Space for Same Cost

If you have two cats that will be sharing an enclosed space, there is a chance that your cats will be given a larger shared space than if they were alone. This might be a private room or two adjoining spaces with a common shared area for food and litter. This can give your cats more than double the square footage they would have gotten on their own. Be sure to ask about accommodations for multiple cats to see if this might be an upgrade for your pets.

2. Activities on Offer Might be More Fun

Many times, boarding facilities that are geared towards cats have indoor, secured play areas that cats can take advantage of for period of the day. This can be great for cats that might be shy around people, but can have fun with one another. Rooms with access to sunlight, climbing, and toys can get bonded cats to enjoy additional perks in a boarding environment. They can build up each other's confidence and enjoy themselves while you are away.

3. If One Cat is Shyer than the Other

All cats have different personalities, and you might have a ringleader as well as a shy guy. If your cats can go into a boarding situation together, your cat that usually takes the lead can help your more skittish cat get used to their surroundings. If you are worried that your overly anxious cat won't be able to adjust, make sure they are with their buddy that has confidence for the both of them. This will hopefully put your more anxious cat at ease in a boarding situation.

The most important part of your cats' boarding experience is to ensure that they are safe and healthy. Beyond that, if your cats can enjoy the experience, why not? Your cats can board together and have each other for companionship. They will be excited to come home, but you can rest easy they will be calmer and have a better time in a boarding situation if they have one another.

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