If you have never boarded your dog before and are about to, you might be surprised to find out that the kennel owner will not agree to board your dog unless it has received all its vaccinations. You may wonder why this is such a strict policy with kennels, but there is a reason for this. Here are several things you should know about this policy.

It is done to protect the animals that stay there

Kennels have dogs coming and going all the time, and this could be a recipe for disaster if the animals were not vaccinated, and this is one of the main reasons kennels have these requirements. They do not want animals getting sick and contracting illnesses while they are there, and they certainly do not want to send dogs home with their owners with any types of problems. Your dog will be better protected if you follow these guidelines, and this will be fewer worries for you.

It is enforced to protect the owner of the kennel

Kennels also have these requirements for their own protection. If a dog contracted an illness while it was at a kennel, the owner could end up getting sued. While the verdict of the case could go either way, it is easier for a kennel owner to protect itself than have to fight a case in court.

It is for your dog's own good and for other pets you have

If every dog in a kennel is vaccinated, the chances of any dog getting sick are very low. If you want to make sure your dog is fully protected, get a list of required vaccinations from the kennel and make sure you visit a vet's office to have them completed. This can include all the normal types of vaccinations, and those include vaccines for rabies, parvovirus, and distemper, but they also might include the following two vaccines:

  • Bordetella – This vaccine is better known as "kennel cough" and is designed to stop the spread of the common cold among dogs. Kennel cough is not typically a fatal condition, but it can leave a dog feeling very sick.
  • Influenza – Some kennels are also requiring vaccines for influenza, or the flu. These are similar to annual flu shots people may choose to get, and they can help decrease the symptoms of certain strains of dog flus.

If your dog will be staying at a kennel and is not current on its vaccinations, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian clinic today. To learn more about dog vaccinations, contact a company like Basking Ridge Animal Hospital