If you have decided to work side by side with remodeling professionals to improve your home, your cat is likely to experience some stress. This is especially true when your family lives there throughout the remodel. Cats do not understand the concept that remodeling leads to excessive, but needed noise. Not to mention, your cat could find themselves in the way of a professional working and get hurt that way. If you want to avoid taking your cat to a local animal hospital, you must prepare them for the remodel.

Board Before Painting

It is common to paint your home or at least remodeled room after you finish working. But, before you get started with painting or having a professional do the job, you should board your cat for a while. Standard paints release a variety of toxic chemicals into the air that can cause harm to anyone. Cats are especially susceptible because they are so small compared to full-grown adults. It takes a few days for the emissions to dispel, so it is a good idea to play it safe and keep them for four to five days after painting.

Room Restriction

Your cat might normally have free roam of the house, but this is not a good idea during a remodel. Front and back doors may be held open for bringing in tools or appliances. The interior structure of the house could be exposed and your cat could wiggle their way into an area where you cannot find them. It is best to keep them in the room that is farthest away from where the work is happening. Then, as you progress through the remodel, you should change which room they stay in to keep the noise level down.

Preemptive Stress Relief

Some people might be lucky and have an extra relaxed cat who does not mind the noise and vibrations. But, it is perfectly understandable for your cat to be stressed as soon as the remodel begins. It is best to take preemptive measures by getting pheromones that you can plug into a nearby electrical socket. Keeping music on at a fairly quiet level can also block out some of the noise that may occur in the home. Another method is to introduce catnip in the form of pure catnip, toys, and treats. This can help relax your cat, and while it may only be temporary, you should rely on a combination of stress relief methods.

It is not uncommon for cats to get a prescription from the vet for stress relief. Or, their behavior could change drastically and you could end up taking them in for that reason. Preparing your cat for the start of home remodeling will give you the best chance of maintaining a happy cat and avoiding a vet trip. Contact an animal hospital for more information.